Estaleiro do Ouro Contest

Intervene relating past, present and future; making Time a dynamic entity, is the global concept of the proposal.

The place of the contest, an old wood shipyard, is iconic and memorable for Portugal as it represents the golden period of its history: The Portuguese Discoveries. It was on this shipyard that most of the ships used to conquer Ceuta were built.

When designing the project there were three guidelines we took in consideration: the creation of privileged public spaces; Integration and relationship with the city and the river; temporality and memory.

The proposal takes shape as a Horizontal Continuous Surface juxtaposed on all intervention area, unifying all the project unique moments and its relationship with the city and river. In order to achieve that, the proposed Surface it’s modeled, folded and adapted to the specificities of the area.

The Project unique moments that were “added” to the Horizontal Continuous Surface are:

- the piers, that establish a visual and physical connection of the proposal with the urban tissue and place the user in the middle of the river;

- the exterior amphitheater, for contemplation of the river and the ecosystem present on the islands in front;

- the vertical cylindrical elements, inspired by the boats’ masts, provide illumination and shade, and they also create an unique skyline, especially at night;

- living places, inspired by the effect of the rain falling in the river, provide a non-flat dynamic living areas;

- floating platforms, to achieve a closer relationship with the water, and a dynamic terrain that changes during the day;

- the boat sculpture works as a memorial to the importance of this site, and also provides an educational relationship of the user with the art of shipbuilding;

- two social equipments, placed strategically at the limits of the proposal site, provide infrastructures that achieve to extend the time that users stay at the site.


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