Estadio Pedro Bidegain

The Estadio Pedro Bidegain, nicknamed el Nuevo Gasómetro (the New Gasometer), is the home stadium of San Lorenzo football club in the Nueva Pompeya neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a multi use stadium but mostly used for football matches. Capacity is 43,494 and inauguration was in 1993. San Lorenzo's old ground, the historic Estadio Gasómetro in nearby Boedo was expropriated by the military government in 1979.

It is the new Gasometer stadium, The old stadium of San Lorenzo de Almagro closed its doors on December 2, 1979 after a goalless draw against Boca Juniors. After several years he pursued his San Lorenzo home-court advantage in other stadiums, the December 16 of 1993. After 52 weeks of construction and under the chairmanship of Fernando Miele The New Gasometro opened in a match that ended with a victory by 2 to 1 against Catholic University of Chile.

Its name is a tribute to Pedro Bidegain, Chairman of the Club in 1929 and 1930. There is also a street named in the neighbourhood of Boedo.

Up on 10/05/2007, the stadium was located within the boundaries of the neighborhood of New Pompeii, but with the 2329 Act of boundaries from that date happened to be entirely in the neighborhood of Flores.


Address: Av Gral Francisco Fernandez de la Cruz, between Av and Av Perito Moreno Varela (Flores). Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Argentina. Collective (10-block radius): 101, 150, 42, 44, 46, 143, 193, 132, 76. Premetro (10 block radius): Balbastro Stations, Air Force and Francisco Fernandez de la Cruz.


Approximate capacity of the stadium today:

North Platea Alta: 3026 Sector A: 104 Sector B: 916 Sector C: 986 Sector D: 916 Sector E: 104 North Platea Baja: 2360 Sector F: 536 Sector G: 518 Sector O: 252 Sector H: 518 Sector I: 536 Platea Sur: 9498 Sector J: 1762 Sector K: 2827 Sector L: 320 Sector M: 2827 Sector N: 1762 Local Tribune: 18,088 Sector P: 3,088 Popular: 15,000 Tribune Visitor: 10,991 Sector Q: 3991 Popular: 7000 Total Capacity: 43,963

Inaugural Match

It was a friendly played between San Lorenzo and Catholic University 16 December 1993. The local won by 2 to 1 with goals from Biaggio (21 'PT) and Artime (29' ST), to visit temporarily tied Vazquez (41 'PT).

San Lorenzo de Almagro (2): Passet (Labarre), Arevalo (Simionato) and Escudero; Zandoná (Galeazzi), Cardinal (Netto) and Ballarin, García, Montserrat, Biaggio (Artime) Gorosito and Bennett (Rossi). DT: Héctor Veira. Catholic University of Chile (1) Toledo Lopez and Tupper (Almada), R. Gomez, Parraguez and Contreras (Gomez), Romero, Lepe, Barrera, Vazquez and Tudor. DT: Prieto.

New Works

San Lorenzo's stadium was amended several times. The first construction works were the elbows in the pit south and north roof of the pit. Then came the elbows of the popular that bind to the south. Then came the construction of so-called "semi elbows" that are half an elbow that joins the north popular with the audience. In all works the stadium will host approximately a total of 50 thousand people. Currently under construction the elbow that connects the north with the popular audience local, completely closing down the sector.

Historic rout

On 1 March 2009, by the fourth date of the Closing, acting as local San Lorenzo, Thrashed a River to win 5 to 1 in a historic rout. Jonathan Santana, Adrian Gonzalez, Jonathan Bottinelli, Gonzalo Bergessio and Andres Silvera scored the goals from Cyclone, while Buonanotte got the discount. The set of Miguel Angel Russo got the lead in the 27 seconds of play, increased to five minutes and lifted just past the quarter hour, a combination of efficiency and overwhelming the opponent's defensive errors. After Nunez both appeared a few minutes of confusion, but Bergessio goal sealed the fate of the result. The second time it seemed unnecessary, but it served to stretch the numbers with both Silvera. Barca team finished with ten players for the expulsion of Alejandro Gomez.

Coordinates: 34°39′7.43″S 58°26′24.43″W / 34.6520639°S 58.4401194°W / -34.6520639; -58.4401194