Estadio Monumental de Maturín

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The Estadio Monumental de Maturín (Monumental Stadium of Maturin) is the largest stadium in Venezuela by seating capacity, with 51,796 spectators. It was one of the venues of the 2007 Copa America. It is also the home stadium of the Monagas Sport Club.

It is located in the Industrial Zone of Maturin.


The stadium was opened on June 17, 2007 with a friendly match between Venezuela and Hungary. Enrique Pérez Lavado, Bishop of the Diocese of Maturin, blessed the stage and stressed the importance of the event. Then the Governor of Monagas, José Gregorio Briceño, expressed his joy at the massive participation of the people Monagas and reiterated that the stadium is the perfect place to present art and cultural performances to the delight of the community.

Some 1,100 artists participated in the inaugural gala, which was coordinated by the Cultural Institute of Monagas. Monagas traditional dances like the Monkey Caicara, the snake iPura the Guacharaca, the dance of Guacharo, the eastern joropo, dances of the peoples Chaima, Kariña and Warao were given the floor, as well as an allegory of the Battle of the High of the Goths.

About 300 singers from various choirs and vocal groups in the region together sang the national anthem of Venezuela and the Hymn of the Copa America. The voices were accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Monagas State, Symphony Dr. Carlos Molhe, and Child Youth Symphony Juvenal Ravelo of Caripito, and Child Youth Symphony Santa Barbara Youth and Children and Maturin.

Subsequently made the opening game between the Monagas Sport Club and Zamora Fútbol Club. Monagas Sport Club won 2-0 with goals from Edder Farias.


The entire stadium is covered with individual seating. It has a parking for 3,786 vehicles, a commercial area of 26,381 sqm, 44 radio booths, 8 television studios, suites and presidential box, delegates' lounge, anti doping control room and press room, 3 elevators, a parking-only authorities and players, 2 dressing rooms, dressing and locker rooms for referees for the security forces, ballboys and musical band.

Their positions are distributed as follows:

  • Western Sector: 8116
  • Western Sector 3 left: 2.977
  • Western Sector 3 Right: 2,966
  • North Sector: 7719
  • South Sector: 7719
  • Eastern Sector: 11,389
  • Eastern Sector 3 left: 3,892
  • Eastern Section 3 Right: 3891

Total Laid down: 48,669

  • Written Press: 506
  • Radio and TV booths: 300
  • Suite Level 1: 560
  • Suite Level 2: 1,337
  • Presidential Box: 220
  • Disabled: 204

Total capacity of this stadium: 51,796

Copa América 2007

The stadium was one of the venues of the Copa América 2007, and held the following matches:

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