Estadio Juan Domingo Perón

The Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón is a stadium located in Avellaneda, Argentina, a suburb of Buenos Aires. It is situated on the streets of Corbatta Mozart adjoining with Italy and Columbus.

Racing Club owns the stadium and plays its home matches there. Today, some sections are closed off resulting in a 51,389 people capacity.

It was inaugurated on September 3, 1950 having a capacity of more than 100,000 people and has been the scene of several national and international finals.

It was the first stadium in Argentina to have all their terraces have roofing after the reforms made in the 90s in the lighting system.


The playing field dimensions are 105 x 70 meters, making it one of the largest pitch in the country. In its opening days, it could easily accommodate more than 100,000 people in their stands. According to several sources, this number was exceeded several times, even up to the 115,000 spectators most notably in the Intercontinental Cup of 1967.

After remodeling was done to adhere to Argentine Football Association safety standards, the capacity was reduced to 64,161 spectators. With more remodeling done, the capacity of the stadium today is 51,389 spectators.


In 1946, the National Executive signed a decree giving the institution a loan of three million argentine pesos to be allocated to the construction of a new stadium. Ramon Cereijo, the finance minister, arranged for the loan to receive another eight million pesos.

In 1947, construction of the new infrastructure began. By December 1, 1947, the old stadium opened its doors once against Webmail Rosario Central. The demolition of that stadium took place a few weeks later.

In 1950, the new stadium was finally opened on September 3 against Velez in the local championship. The meeting ended with a victory of the premises by a zero. In 1951, it hosted the inauguration of the first Pan American Games.

In 1951, it hosted the opening ceremony of the 1st Pan American Games.

In 1966, it was renovated with new lighting towers. With this improvement, the club invited Bayern Munich to play a friendly match. Bayern won the game 3-2.

In 1967, it hosted the final played by the local Copa Libertadores. Compared to National Uruguay, and the Intercontinental Cup, Against the European champions Celtic Scot. In both meetings, hosted more than 100,000 people.

In 1988, it hosted the first Supercopa Sudamericana final, where the local team beat Cruzeiro from Brazil 2-1. In 1989, it also hosted the first Recopa Sudamericana final. This time with less fortunate for the club owner.

In 1995, installation began of a translucent roof mounted on a metal structure that holds the lighting system at the renovations completed in 1997, Became the first Argentine stadium have all roofed stalls.

In 2002, a security monitoring system was installed, consisting of several cameras and speakers. In 2004, all perimeter fences were removed and stalls were opened in the field.

In 2007, month of November, it hosted the final of the Copa Sudamericana. In 2008, in the month of August and for the second time in its history, it hosted the Recopa Sudamericana.

Building Activity

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