Estadio Carlos Miranda

Estadio Municipal Carlos Miranda is a multi-purpose stadium in Comayagua, Honduras. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Hispano FC. The stadium holds 10,000 people.


The project of the Municipal Stadium, was an idea of the mayor Carlos Miranda, with the objective to promote the sports; among the youth in the City of Comayagua. As well as to attract, the tourism to the city.

The stadium was constructed with contribution of the central government (1998-2005), loans of the private sector (2004), municipal resources and collections among the people of Comayagua.

For the year 1998, the business "Perspectives Arquitectonicas" created the design and the model of the stadium, to which they called 'Polideportivo'. -- Which subsequently, was approved by the Municipal Corporation of Comayagua.

In 2005, the project became a reality and today, the installation is a stadium of multi-use; with capacity for some 10,000 people. The stadium however, is utilized for the most part, for soccer games and serves as the headquarters of the Hispano Football Club member of the Honduran National Soccer League.

  • Cabins for Media Transmission
  • Stands
  • Administrative Offices
  • Conference Room
  • Locker rooms, Rest Rooms and Showers
  • Drainage of the field
  • System of Irrigation for the Field
  • Coffee Shops
  • Security Fences
  • Electricity
  • Sanitary Sewer System
  • Equipment and Sports Furniture
  • Parking

The first international match; played at Estadio Carlos Miranda was held in 2005, between C.D. Motagua and L.D. Alajuelense with a 5–2 victory for the Hondurans.

Coordinates: 14°27′14″N 87°39′25″W / 14.453778°N 87.656839°W / 14.453778; -87.656839