Estádio das Laranjeiras

Estádio Manoel Schwartz, usually known as Estádio das Laranjeiras, is an historic football (soccer) stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. The stadium holds 8,000 people. It was built in 1905, and is one of the oldest stadiums in Brazil. The stadium is owned by Fluminense Football Club.


Fluminense acquired a groundplot at Guanabara street (currently named Pinheiro Machado street) in 1902. The stadium bleachers were built in 1905, and its maximum capacity was 5,000 people.

The Brazil national football team played its first match in 1914, at Laranjeiras stadium, against Exeter City, of England. The match ended 2-0 to Brazil.

The stadium was renovated in 1919, and its capacity was expanded to 19,000 people. The reinaugural match was played on May 11 of that year, when the Brazil national football team beat the Chile national football team 6–0. The first goal of the stadium after the reinauguration was scored by Brazil's Friedenreich. In the same year, Brazil hosted the South American Championship, and all matches of the competition were played at Estádio das Laranjeiras. Brazil won that competition, which was the first title achieved by the Seleção. The stadium was again expanded in 1922, to host that year's South American Championship, and its maximum capacity was expanded to 25,000 people. The capacity was reduced to 8,000 people in 1961, after the demolition of part of the bleachers due to the construction of a viaduct at Pinheiro Machado street.

The stadium's attendance record for Fluminense currently stands at 25,718 people, set on June 14, 1925 when Fluminense beat Flamengo 3–1.


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