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Real-Life Room Escape Game.


What is the game about? Connect clues, solve puzzles, use logic, be intuitive, search for hidden objects and you'll still need more..Feel the pressure of time ticking away while you and your team panic and use your brains as never before. Discover your taste for mystery and uncover the secrets of our rooms.
Be a mix between Sherlock Holmes and MacGyver and prove your self! :D

RETRO ROOM> In the middle middle of the Cold War. Colonel Иванов is a known war criminal set to deport, torture and execute thousands of innocent people. Their names are held in files in his office and must be destroyed. During an air raid all security and Col. Ivanov took shelter in the underground bunkers. You have 1 hour to find the files and leave!

MYSTERY BOUDOIR> A beautiful and famous artist is found dead in her boudoir. Her secret life has been uncovered by one of her lovers and jealousy took it`s toll. Will you be able to uncover the mystery and live to tell what happened?


The main characters of the rooms are connected in ways you would never expect... play both rooms and enjoy the twist...

Game can be played by 2 people up:
2 or 3 people 60 BGN (30 Euro)
Any extra person 20 BGN (10 Euro)

For more information visit our webpage: escaperooms.bg

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