Ernst and Young Headquarters
Intro It's a limited competition for the architecture design of the headquarters of Ernest and Young in the city of Giza that took place in March 2009. Morphology The morphology of this building is a reflection of two main aspects: visual treatment and environmental treatment. Visual treatment The visual treatment of this building took into consideration some major aspects. Height It's the highest building among its surrounding accordingly this height opens varieties of visual angles to the surrounding landscape. Entrance It was important to emphasize the main entrance. This happens through its location at the main corner and its double height. Corners Since the site includes two plots, it has two corners which called for a special treatment for each one of them. Environmental Treatment A number of environmental optimization to enhance its Energy performance and increase the thermal comfort Solar Shading Devices Shading devices were selected according to the orientation of the window opening. Below are images of the results of the impact of the selected shading louver after its depth has been optimized for the south façade for different months. Light Shelves Light shelves are horizontal projections in a window that distribute light evenly inside the area. They can be inside, outside or partly within and partly outside the glazing. Façade Greening Plant trees or bushes are integrated into the façade to shade the windows at the right time of day and season. Vegetation is an attractive and inexpensive form of shading to integrate in the facade, because it responds to the local seasons.


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