Erez Crossing

Coordinates: 31°33′29.52″N 34°32′41.42″E / 31.5582°N 34.5448389°E / 31.5582; 34.5448389 The Erez Crossing (Hebrew: מעבר ארז‎) is a pedestrian/cargo terminal on the Israeli Gaza Strip barrier. It is located in the northern end of the Gaza Strip, on the border with Israel.

It is part of a complex formerly including the Erez Industrial Park.

The crossing is currently restricted to Arab residents under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority and to Egyptian nationals or international aid officials only.

Israel's Highway 4 ends at the crossing. Until the early 1970s the rail line which connected Israel and Gaza also passed through Erez Crossing. Nowadays the railway in the Gaza Strip is dismantled and on the Israeli side, Israel Railways' active rail line ends about 3.5 km north of the crossing, though in the future it may be re-extended to the crossing to provide cargo service to the Gaza Strip.


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