The two buildings Erdee Media Group at Laan van Apeldoorn Westenenk both in the past designed by architects Jorissen Simonetti. The relationship with the client is thus more than thirty years ago. Erdee Media Group came to the conclusion some time ago that the housing did not meet the demands that followed from the Newsroom concept. After orientation to the new opportunities offered in other locations it was decided that the oldest building to adapt to new requirements.
In the spirit of stewardship, it was the wish of Erdee Media Group to continue the sustainable choice lasting shape. In order to realize the newsroom as Erdee Media Group, which had in mind was a need for an office floor with a depth of thirty meters. This was achieved by one of the existing wings expand. A roof created, supported by wooden trusses. This roof has an overhang of 2.5 m to heat by solar radiation pollution as much as possible and for the same reason with white roof. The glass facade is downwards with an increasing solar control coating. Through these operations may be sufficient top cooling.

The interior is through gutters flexible installation system installed that allows for changing desktop configurations. In the surrounding office areas, extra attention given to sound insulation and reuse of existing walls. The wooden beams give it a natural look. The flooring is made from recycled materials.

The plan includes extending the newsroom of Erdee Media Group. Inside the Newsroom concept is a central office setup where the editors are to compose the daily newspaper. Around here his office setups are placed where the writing department. This is an extremely great depth required.


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