Eradicating Termites Takes More than What You Can Think Of

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Termites are considered very destructive pests because they are xylophagous insects (which eat wood). Termites (sometimes called "white ants") can cause considerable damage to the structure of a building if they are not managed or controlled by qualified professionals.

All regions of Australia are exposed. Areas with high population density such as Sydney, NSW, are the most exposed because of the high concentration of buildings.

Treatment of Termites

Since your home or business premises is probably your most important investment in terms of money, work and emotions, you will naturally want to use the best provider on the market for all your termite problems.
The termite specialists have extensive local experience. They receive training on the best technologies and treatments against termites. They build the very foundation of the pest control services.

They carry out hundreds of inspections and treatments every year, both on houses and buildings. They will be able to advise you, to reassure you and offer you a tailor-made treatment! Follow us on: Google+

Termite damage

Termites are very discreet and it is more likely to see their damage rather than the termites themselves. Here are some common signs that you will be able to see (or hear) and that will help you to detect the presence of termites:

The wood produces a hollow sound - when termites consume wood, they eat it from the inside leaving a thin layer. When you tap or tap an area damaged by termites, it will produce a hollow or paper-like sound.

Your vacuum passes through the plinth - or your finger sinks into the doorframe. These are some of the most common things we hear from customers as a first sign of the presence of termites. Termites have gnawed the structural integrity of wood, a simple pressure is enough to pierce the damaged area.

Difficult doors and windows - when termites eat wood, their excrement or "mud" creates a protective environment that traps heat and moisture. This causes the wood to swell, making it more difficult to open and close doors and windows.

Cracks in doorframes - termites eat wood from your walls and doorframes, they cause a loss of structural integrity and cracks are formed. However, do not jump to hasty conclusions, cracks can also be caused by movements of your home unrelated to termites.

Termite Mud - Termites build "mud" tunnels to create a safe environment in which to move or protect their food sources. This mud is often difficult to see because it can be behind your plasterboard or underground, but can sometimes be seen in brick foundations or lintels.

Pest Control by Professionals

Most small animals or other intruders are more harmful in the garden than in the house. However, this is not always the case and some of these vermin are sometimes extremely difficult to control. Home products can solve an immediate problem, but treatment by a qualified pest control technician of the termite control West Ryde services is often necessary in the long term against certain pests. The technicians now have a range of powerful insecticides to fight against these vermin and intruders. The technological supports and the tools are by their side.

The best termite control services now offer home-based travel services to help with pest problems in your home. Professional service is fast, efficient and offers the highest level of security for your family and pets.

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