Entrance Square
Entrance Square Ship sails, Sea waves or even a sailor that is tensely pulling a couple of giant cables toward him are a set of marine and harbor symbols that formed the main idea of design. Architecture: This monument is designed as the symbol of harbors and seamanship and intends to convey a feeling of the sea elements without directly referring to any of them. A vivid contrast between the severity of metal structure and plasticity of the tensile structure displays an endless encounter which is emphasized in the collision of cycloid and straight lines in the monument structure. The basic flange of this monument has been designed exclusively for this project and displays a unique mixture of architecture and the structure! Structure: During the main structure design, the main goal of the arrangement of parts was to direct and transmit difference forces via the best possible routes to the foundation; the structure is topologically optimized. The strength of the structure in lateral loads (wind) is achieved by a combination of bracing frames and moment frames. All sections in the main structure are closed thin wall sections due to the rendered optimization and the joints were designed accordingly as well. Construction: Structure is modeled by Solid worksâ„¢ software and very precise Shop drawings made this complex project possible in Iran with very limited possibilities. For bending 18` pipes we forced to make changes to only available bending machine in Iran and to avoid probable faults, before final montage, Structure mounted several times during construction process on the ground.


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