Entangled Bank
Little’s winning design concept for the Re:Vision Dallas Competition, based on Darwin’s Entangled Bank, introduces a complex network of simple elements within the first sustainable block in the City of Dallas. It is our belief that true sustainability relates not only to the environment but also has key economic and social impacts. These impacts form the basis of the different components of this sustainable development. The project creates opportunity by developing a community that supports those that flourish…but also rehabilitates those that have withered. It explores numerous ways of implementing new and innovative sustainable strategies that appreciate and strive to improve the natural environment. But perhaps even greater, it becomes a transformative space that will revitalize and sustain what might be our richest and most influential resource…the human. At the base of the building is the “meandering path`. It represents the human journey within the entangled bank. Though the course isn’t direct, there are lessons learned even in moments when one’s way is lost. Where as in nature the bank is made of soil, plants and organisms, the meandering path relies on a network of education, retail, dining, entertainment and wellness activities to sustain and rehabilitate the human spirit. By providing venues where those in need can be taught and transformed, it becomes the link both figuratively and physically between the occupants of the homeless assistance shelter adjacent to the site and the community of Dallas. A slow food restaurant celebrates this shift from transience to permanence where the grid of downtown Dallas and the shelter grid overlap. Rising up from this transformative base is a series of horizontal green spaces and vertical farms. They create a vegetative framework that physically holds the bank together and also provides sustenance for the bank by creating spaces for social interaction, as well as production of food and collection of resources. Similar to how seeds from grain are dispersed by wind across the Texas plain, the residential units are embedded within this framework creating the community of living for the development. Each unit is provided with the precise amount of PV panels required to accommodate its energy needs eliminating their need for grid based power. The overall building form is organic in shape and promotes future growth and development of the bank. The tower component becomes an icon of this growth reaching upward, and also includes vertical wind turbines and a series of sky pastures that support a communal resource and food need. The form itself is essential to the development as it becomes the natural screen that protects the farms and public parks from scorching in the tough afternoon sun of Dallas. Ultimately, the Entangled Bank serves as a communal meeting space where an exchange of ideas, of apprenticeship and of produce takes place. The tower beacons the community of Dallas to participate in the evolution of the bank - transforming with the seasons, sharing resources and then dispersing, encouraging the block to support itself while conveying ideas of a sustainable future to a new place. Our original competition entry was a multi-media submission. Included in the proposal was a tool we created and named the "Immersive Environment". This allows an individual to literally place themselves within the sustainable block and virtually explore the entire development. Please go to the following website to experience the "Entangled Bank Immersive Environment": http://www.littleonline.com/revisiondallas/ (actual immersive environment files available upon request) Components of the design include: •Intensive green roof system providing the base structure for an elevated park •Residential units ranging from 350-1500 square feet (studio – 3 bedrooms) •A grain field providing seasonal vegetation for livestock grazing in the ‘sky pasture’ •A vertical farm which climbs the side of the building, providing each tenant space to grow produce for their own consumption or to sell at the market below •Micro-CHP system designed to produce electricity on-site through the combustion of fuel; heat released in this process is captured for heating water •Photovoltaic arrays/solar cells are attached to the exterior providing up to 100% of the power required on each of the 500 units •A vertical axis wind turbine, providing power for core needs including common lighting, retail space and parking level ventilation •Greywater system which treats and re-distributes domestic waste water (dishwashing, laundry, bathing etc…) for use in landscape irrigation •Glass ponds situation on elevated park level to capture water runoff not captured by surrounding vegetation •Onsite educational facilities including an Environmental Learning Lab and Nutritional Institute, Organic Culinary Institute and Organic Farming Institute •An open market, located at the center of the property provides a community gathering space for exchanging goods and services, doubling as an entertainment venue in the evening •Green space in the form of a wide meandering path which winds its way throughout the property


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