English language Center
ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER DESIGN CONCEPT The project aimed to fully utilize the English Language Center’s existing space and to create an ambience that reflects their philosophy: ENJOY-LEARN-COMMUNICATE. The design is reflecting the philosophy in terms of space organization. The existing layout was re-created to be a more efficient, welcoming and interesting learning environment. Our concept in the first instance was collecting the variety of activities and functions of language centre. Having undergone a strict process of examination of the multiple relationships amongst their unique identities, they have been arranged in accordance to their “Collateral Flexibilities`. Entrance First of all was the opening up and to reform a common entrance foyer for the ELC and SAC (Self-Access Centre). An angled wall lies in the tangency of the semi-circular wall thus creating a triangular space to embrace the entrance to ELC and SAC. The tremendous wall space next to the ELC entrance is used as a showcase for the signage of ELC. And projection images on the wall can broadcast the live activities from the lounge area inside thus public attention from pedestrian can be quickly drawn. Flat monitors on the angled wall can deliver update information and announce upcoming events, etc. Lounge Area The lounge area is redefined with the dynamic circular wall that could read as an oval shape in the upper portion. Movie-watching corner is allocated to the far end with a special designed dome-shaped ceiling feature that can perform both sound-controlling and lighting effect. Despite the open plan arrangement, it does not interfere with the neighborhood activities. The individual/small group video-watching activities (listening) and the consultation/chatting (speaking) groups are set apart on both sides of the oval space, so they can share the open space but enjoy the privacy at the same time. The internet corner is arranged on the quiet and cozy corner next to the lounge. The sound effect is carefully controlled in the design. Horizontal strips are implied on one wall to break the echo of sound. And the sound reflection on circular wall is eliminated by several portal openings. Definitely the carpet flooring is the major issue for sound absorption. The last but not least, the ceiling design is the most essential part for the lounge area where sculptural alphabets are used as design element that is formed in oval shape and hung on the open ceiling. The lighting illuminates through the hollows of the alphabets so as to enhance the 3-dimensional effect. It also acts as a sound absorption element. The color scheme of lounge area is white and blue to echo the ELC identity. Some oak wood and silver colored furniture are used as accent color. Computer Room Special beam grid structure is designed to create a multi-function space. The structure is hung at 3M levels with open grids in 1.5M intervals all along the four walls and right above the 1.5M length students' desks. For the test event, roller blinds can be pulled down to form individual cubical for privacy. The grid structural beam also houses the light trough in the inner/outer rectangles for general lighting. The upper part of walls are covered with whiteboard and the lower part is 100mm depth furring in plastic laminate finish for power and data cables running through. Classrooms The overall design is a sleek and clean look. Similar materials are employed to all classrooms to maintain a consistent image, such as emulsion paint on the upper part of walls, whiteboard on the middle portion and the lower part shall be covered with plastic laminate. The essential elements are the two horizontal stainless steel rails on the middle of walls/glass partition/window area. The two rails shall perform as the cable running and mounting support for LCD screens. Blue tinted glass partitions are installed to give translucent effect that allow partial light penetrate to the corridor and retain certain privacy.


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