Endless Stair

Stairs are one of the nicest things about architecture. Somebody once said sculpture's gift to architecture is the staircase. My team were interested in Escher's endless stair as a conceptual conceit. We thought we would make a very simple version of Escher's sophisticated ideas. To recreate one of Escher's drawings in 3D would be impossible, and de Rijke admits that the installation is not literally endless.

Endless Stair is obviously a real staircase with a real end. The idea of Endless Stair is that it can be endlessly reconfigured; it's something that can be recycled and reused. There are 15 flights in this example, and they can be reconfigured with more or less in many different contexts. De Rijke says that the sculpture is meant to be fun, but forms part of a serious research project.

All useful architecture has its origins in some kind of experiment. We wanted to make a new material and we wanted to apply it and we did so with a kind of sculpture, but actually there's a serious intent behind it, which is the application at the scale of buildings and larger structures.

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