Elmo Natali Student Center
The Elmo Natali Student Center, commonly referred to as The Union, is the student union building centrally located on the campus of California University of Pennsylvania. Originally built in 1993, the Natali Student Center is home to most student facilities and activities.

Elmo Natali
The Natali Center is named for former Vice President of Student Services, Elmo Natali, whose connection with the university spans more than 50 years. Natali first came to Cal when he transferred from Virginia Tech in the early 1950's and he remained until his retirement in 1992. Although he was a star running back, an all American, and a record holder for yards rushed in a single season (over 1,000), Natali is best remembered as a popular Vice President of Student Affairs. During the turbulent Vietnam and Civil Rights years, Natali was loved and respected by all students, but particularly Cal's growing population of African- American students who knew him as an ally, mentor, and friend. Natali's student-centered legacy lives on today in the Elmo Natali Student Center.

Lower Lobby
The lower lobby of the building is where the Student Center management offices are located, as well as information desk. In addition, the PSECU office and ATM are located on the ground floor.

First Floor
The first floor of the building is home to various student activities and organizations, including the commuter center and billiard room. The Vulcan Theater, a full screening room, plays recent movies daily at no charge to students throughout the school year. Taylor & Byrnes offers students a selection of coffee and made to order sandwiches. Flatz, which opened in October 2007 operates as a miniature convenience store where students can purchase meals and groceries. The first floor also is home to the Multimedia Access Center, which is a computer lab for student use, and also offers web, print, and photography services for students, faculty, and staff. Across from the Access Center is the Cal Bookstore, which sells books, clothes, gifts and other Cal U merchandise. The Cal bookstore is operated by Follett Higher Education Group. Back the hallway hosts various offices, including the Campus Ministry, Dining Services, Service Fraternities, Media, and Rainbow Alliance office.

Media Suite
The California University Media Suite hosts both CUTV and WCAL studios. WCAL, the college radio station allows students to experience working and operating a radio station. WCAL plays a wide variety of music as well as live broadcasts of various Cal U sporting events. CUTV is considered one of the top student television stations in the United States. CUTV broadcasts NewsCenter live each Thursday, as well as several other sports and local talk shows. CUTV also broadcasts all of the Cal Vulcans football games, as well as various other sporting events throughout the school year. Back the hall is the Cal Times office, which produces a campus newspaper each week.

Second Floor
The second floor of the building is home to the Jefferson Food Court, which offers students a selection of various food. Joe's Contemporary American Food offers traditional foods, such as sandwiches, burgers, and fries. Cyber Fresh offers made-to-order wraps and salads. Piazza offers students pizza, toasted grinders, panini sandwiches and homemade baked pastas. In addition to the Jefferson Food Court, the second floor includes the performance center, where various speakers and performances take place throughout the duration of the school year. The second floor also has two meeting rooms for student organizations that can be opened into one large room for larger groups. The rear of the building is where the central dining room of the campus, the Gold Rush, is located. The Gold Rush offers three meals per day for students in an all-you-can-eat buffet. Five serving areas are included in the Gold Rush, including Fusion, Deli, Pasta, Entree and Bakery.

Third Floor
The third floor of the Student Center is home to the Performance Center, the Student Association offices, two conference centers, and Fraternity Offices.