Elise's Island Hospital
'Elise's Island' is an island made of children’s dreams: The project was developed by architects and designers for a pediatric and adolescent psychiatry in cooperation with the expert medical staff. 'Elise's Island' combines a specific interior design concept and a communication concept for a pediatric and adolescent clinic under the aspect of an integrated therapy. Architects and doctors worked together for the well-being of young patients and created a place for children that provides positive sensual experiences and therefore supports their healing process. 'Elise's Island' stands for recovering in a non-typical clinic environment: Colors, shapes, different materials, light and air create a place that tells a story meeting medical standards as well as emotional needs. 'Elise's Island' provides a sense of community and identity: Princess Elise plays the role of a magic fairy who contributes to the daily routine, helping young patients and medical staff to identify themselves with their clinic. 'Elise's Island' has charisma: Doctors, parents, patients - 'Elise's Island' stands for an integrated and sustainable system of medical and social competence, enabling a successful positioning within the health care market. 'Elise's Island' offers young patients: more support and a greater sense of security, more room for self-expression, more exchange, greater quality of stay, higher degree of self-identification, more emotions. For the 'Elise's Island' project, architects and designers had to comply with the specific conditions and requirements of a hospital environment from the very beginning of the project: The challenge was to create a homely and cozy atmosphere on the one hand and on the other hand to meet the high hygiene standards of the clinic environment. All materials, all surfaces and all furniture had to meet these requirements. Many small steps eventually led to success: After extensive research the architects finally found suitable producers and materials. All surfaces including parquet, furniture, wallpaper and murals could be proofed as 'clinical correct'. Furthermore it is worth mentioning, that all interior designs, accessories, wallpaper and furniture are custom made and some of them even hand- made. Comfort and well-being on 'Elise's Island' starts immediately when entering the hospital's entrance: A large corridor is the bridge that leads to Elise's Island '. On the so-called "Mole" numerous hand-painted wall illustrations tell the story of the Princess Elise and her friends, the crab "Kalle," the dog "Rocko" and the parrot "Coco". Princes Elise as the patron of her island will protect the children and will help them through their time at 'Elise's Island'. Related to age, all children will be divided into three groups. Children live in the 'Palm Cove", at the 'Dune Beach' or at the "Rock Haven". Each group has its special mascot and rooms are generally designed to fit into the whole story. Thus 'Elise's Island' will allow young patients to become enchanted by Princess Elise and experience an expedition on ‘Elise’s Island’ that will finally lead to sustainable health and well-being. The success of the project 'Elise's Island' has been already recognized by the doctors and medical staff in the first weeks after the opening of the new clinic: Children and adolescents are more calm, violence is less likely to occur.


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