Elastic Plastic Sponge
The Elastic Plastic Sponge was designed for the 2009 annual Coachella Valley Music&Arts Festival by the Los Angeles based practice Ball-Noque Studio in collaboration with the students from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.  The Elastic Plastic Sponge is a unique structure with "an active form", meaning that it is derived straight from the properties of the material. The sculpture consists of 250 cells each shaped around a jig designed by the SCI-Arc students. They are quite convenient because they allow to be transported as flat units to the festival and then to be unfolded and arranged in a sequence. Each plastic cell supports a fluorescent tube which can shift in orientation relative to the other tubes to create the effect of a sweeping motion. The installation can quickly be reconfigured in order to accommodate many different uses among which are: theatre, lounge, a large sculptural Mobius strip seen from a far distance.   


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