Eighth Precinct Police Station

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Eighth Precinct Police Station

The Phoenix Group Building, formerly known as the Eighth Precinct Police Station, is located at 4150 Grand River Avenue in the Woodbridge Historic District of Detroit, Michigan. It was designated a Michigan State Historic Site in 1973 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.


The Eighth Precinct Police Station was designed by Louis Kamper and built in 1900-1901 for a cost of $46,000. It was originally built as part of the Second Precinct, but in 1910 was renumbered to become part of the Eighth Precinct. Starting in 1954, the Detroit Police Youth Bureau used the station as office space; the buildings were later used by the Detroit Police Personnel Division. The building is currently used by the Phoenix Group, a property management firm involved in revitalization projects.


The Eighth Precinct Police Station is the second-oldest police building in Detroit.Louis Kamper designed the French Renaissance Châteauesque station in two structures connected by an arcade. The main building was used as office space while the other building was used as a garage. The station is constructed of limestone on the first floor and brick on the second, and is topped with a side-gable roof. The structure has parapet walls and corner towers with conical roofs.