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Kurt Prinzing GmbH & Co. KG is our partner for production engineering and on-site assembly, a company with a long tradition in technically demanding metal construction in the areas of mechanical and plant engineering. With the help of this Swabian medium-sized company’s expertise, the unique construction principle of the EIGHT Point.One can be implemented efficiently using the latest manufacturing technology. The use of state-of-the-art production plants, operated exclusively with renewable energy, along with the comprehensive and DIN ISO certified quality management strategy, guarantee integrated sustainability and premium quality for every product. In the last few years Prinzing, whose customers include almost all of the well-known mechanical and plant engineering companies in Germany, has continually expanded its business portfolio and specifically made a name for itself in the area of renewable energy in particular.

Our partner for the architectural realisation and industrial design of the product is the internationally recognised architecture and design studio LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture). LAVA has garnered plenty of attention for its innovative projects – such as the design of the centre of Masdar City, a solar city in Abu Dhabi, and the Showcase Future Hotel for the Fraunhofer Society – which have set new standards in architecture. This work on the interaction of people, technology and nature is also clearly evident in the Point.One – a representative product for new e-mobility.

The interdisciplinary team around the architect Arnold Walz and the computer scientist Fabian Scheurer supports EIGHT in the efficient and cost-effective planning and realisation of the complex geometry of Point.One. The goal of the partnership is to build a product with a revolutionary connector system, involving a radical departure from today’s production methods and standard solutions which creates completely new possibilities. In conjunction with the use of a digital process chain, linking design, manufacture, logistics and assembly, the implementation of the Point.One can be realised precisely, in a way best suited to the materials and adaptable to customer requirements. Over the last few years, designtoproduction has been involved in world-renowned projects such as the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart and the Centre Pompidou in Metz.

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