Eidsborg stave church

Eidsborg Stave Church (Norwegian: Eidsborg stavkirke) is a stave church in Tokke, Telemark county, Norway.

Eidsborg Stave Church is one of the best preserved Norwegian stave churches. It is unique in that the roof, pillars and walls are completely covered particleboard. Eidsborg Stave Church is located next to the Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg.

The church is estimated to date to between 1250-1300. The church is dedicated to the traveler’s patron, St. Nicholas of Bari. It was partly reconstructed in the 19th century. The chorus was demolished in 1826. The new choir dates to the period 1845-50. The reconstruction work did not affect the structure or the shape of the church. It was restored in 1927 when painted figures and ornaments dating from the Renaissance and old murals from the 17th century were revealed.

  • Gable on Eidsborg stave church

  • Western portal of Eidsborg stave church

  • Detail of Eidsborg stave church

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