Edificio Oficinas Kilamba (Kilamba Tower)

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Edificio Oficinas Kilamba (Kilamba Tower)
Edificio Oficinas Kilamba. 2007. Luanada, Angola    2007

> Angola

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> Miguel Baudizzone Jorge Lestard (1964 )

Photographer Baudizzone Lestard 2007

The Kilamba Tower is located in the Bay of Luanda, Angola, and is the seat of the Holy Hope Foundation (Fundação Sagrada Esperança)

The foundation is an institution of importance in Angola. The first floors of the building serve as headquarters of the institution and the rest of its 26 floors are offices.

The tower is not only recognized for its height. The characteristics of the Kilamba Tower is its design, qualities that should have functionality of a commercial building and at the same time an identifiable project in the daytime and night time as a landmark of the city.

To achieve this goal, and at the same time reduce the high heat load, the façades will be projected on the basis of umbrellas. This climate protection, is folded along its height, so that despite its simple construction, the film of "umbrellas" leaves cavities in the corners, allowing through artificial lighting, a change of lights and shadows during the night as a true icon.

The Kilamba Tower has 26 floors, including ground-floor and two basement floors.
All entrances of the building open to a small square that holds the traditional landscape of the Luanda Waterfront.


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