Eaves House / House in Tokushima

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Eaves House / House in Tokushima

To create a building that incorporates nature is constant theme. The Eaves House was created by overlaying and merging ideas from nature and architecture. 

In a park or in a forest. the tree canopy extends out and filters the sunlight to create a shaded space in-between the trees. The collection of trees enables the creation of a larger opens shaded space. People naturally gather to this relaxing pleasant shaded in-between space. When the required rooms for the house were placed like individual trees and the roofs of these structures extend out like tree canopies, the space under the extended roof become like the shaded space found in a park or a forest with similar natural light filtering thought the gap of extended roofs. As time passes the filtered sun light shines on different positions gives a sense of time in the in-between space.

Even though the shaded area and the filtered natural light are artificial, the in-between space in the house still creates the same feeling one would experience being under a collection of tree canopies. The in-between space offers both indoor and outdoor space at the same time. By translating the law of nature to architectural concepts it was possible bring this building close to nature and create a space that has an unquestionable sense of opemiess. 

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