East London Green Grid
The East London Green Grid is a strategy to attract and direct investment in the green and open spaces of East London in order to create a “multi-functional green infrastructure`. An improved network can combine better visitor and community amenities, flood mitigation, and biodiversity, with a better urban environment, whilst helping to shape new development. The strategy was incorporated into planning policy in the London Plan requiring borough policy to take it into consideration in Local Development Frameworks and Area Action Plans. The strategy also set up ‘area groups’ with members from neighbouring boroughs, national agencies, and voluntary organisations, to facilitate collaborative working on a landscape scale by overcoming political boundaries. These governance arrangements are supported through additional resources for management and design advisors including 5th Studio, J&L Gibbons, Peter Beard / Landroom, East archtiecture, landscape, urban design. Several projects emerged from these groups. Thought was given to their strategic value in connecting and improving the open space network. This often requires the packaging and redefinition of projects as part of a larger whole and identifying gaps where new projects could be developed. Design for London worked closely with delivery partners and designers including 5th Studio, Adams & Sutherland, Camlin Lonsdale, East, J&L Gibbons, Latz & Partner, Macreanor Lavington, muf architecture art, Peter Beard / Landroom, and Witherford Watson Mann to take forward design and feasibility on certain crucial projects and help with capital funding bids. The promotion of projects in this way; drawing them convincingly, talking about them repeatedly, and reaching more people, brings the notional closer to reality. Presenting projects as credible propositions which are part of a larger strategy is crucial in attracting funding and support from a variety of different sources. The most extensive example was a coordinated funding bid to central government for green and public space projects in the Thames Gateway. A project evaluation process was undertaken to determine the most suitable projects to submit. This involved demonstrating the benefits a project could offer and the measurable outputs it could deliver, thereby gauging its value for money taking into account the level of eligible match funding. It was important to ensure the project could be completed on time and that risks were minimised. The bid made an argument in favour of London projects over rivals in Kent and Essex, demonstrating greater need and describing stronger intentions for the programme of projects as part of the broader context. Several of these projects are now being implemented, and will provide places for solitude and sociability, physical activity and engagement with nature, while addressing the environmental challenges ahead. --- http://www.designforlondon.gov.uk/what-we-do/#/east-london-green-grid Partners: East London Boroughs, Thames Gateway London Partnership, the Thames Gateway regeneration partnerships, Environment Agency, Natural England, Greater London Authority, London Development Agency, Department of Communities and Local Government, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Designers: Design for London, 5th Studio, Adams & Sutherland, Camlin Lonsdale, East, J&L Gibbons, Latz & Partner, Macreanor Lavington, muf archtiecture art, Peter Beard / Landroom, Witherford Watson Mann.


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