E5 Shopping Mall

The E5 Shopping Centre is located in a residential neighbourhood in Avcilar, a large, densely populated middle class residential area of Istanbul, an important shopping and commercial zone for Istanbul. The design is an elegant, steel and glass, five-storey ‘U’ shaped box. Subverting the earliest mall concepts, which were inward looking entities, a glazed atrium faces the highway exposing the inner activity of the shopping centre to the gaze of passers by. E 5 mall enriches the public realm . The projecting box with a terrace accommodating cafes and restaurants overlooks the cityscape and the E-5 streets. A ‘street market’ is located in the sub-basement while in front of the mall a broad public plaza hosts community activities. As an alternative to frequency of shopping centers and existing characteristics of trade areas in the region, E-5 is a unique and compact festive market place. The new image is not only offering the goods to buy but also it becomes a new gathering zone for social motives, such as the ice-rink. The project is a good example of the qualities inspired by the people of all standards, especially families, and responsive to local needs, in social terms as well. As to the interior of the mall, the landscaped public space is surrounded by cafes and restaurants and is designed to attract families and to extend the appeal of a shopping trip. In short it become s a major recreational focus and the means to regenerate urban communities. The E5 Shopping Centre is a further development of evolving oeuvre of urban malls and aims to connect the interior with the city both visually and physically.


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