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Stadium Quarter, the area next to the Phillips Stadium in Eindhoven, is an integral part of the 'Stripe S' urban plan drawn up by landscape firm West 8. The original brief for the area includes the E Tower, the E Block and a slender end piece of the adjacent Block J, which are all apartment buildings in this emerging district. A gap between the E Tower and Block J will give form to the area's entrance, while providing an outdoor space adjacent to the tower. With its programme of simple apartments, the E Tower deals mainly with the horizontal stacking of slabs. All around the slabs a series of specifically shaped brises soleils projects a shadow play onto the glazed façade. Made of polished aluminium, these reflective brises soleils will look different depending on the angle of the daylight relative to the time of day. A subtle cantilever on each side of the tower at different heights will enhance this sculptural quality. The façade is composed of a semi-structural glazing with the sliding panels. Behind the façade, some apartments also have a private internal conservatory that serves as a balcony in summer and used as an extra room during the cooler months. The abstract print will be amplified on the ground. All apartments will have a balcony as an extension of the living room. The interaction of the slight shift of volume, staggered surfaces of the opening panels in the façade and moving lines of the slabs, create one continuous dynamic entity. The most enviable aspect of an apartment tower is its long-distance views, and one will immediate sense this quality on entering the E Tower's apartments. To fully free the façade, all services and shafts of the apartments are efficiently connected to the core. These define the supporting structure, together with the amorphously shaped columns.

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