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PROJECT DESCRIPTION The source of inspiration for the architecture of this house was the book “Maya Factor`, written by the author of Mexican origin – Hose Arguelies. In this book the author, decoding and interpreting Maya’s sacred calendar “ZOLKIN`, comes to the conclusion about forthcoming transformation of modern human civilization, transformation that Maya foresaw many years ago. In the architecture of this building are investigating the technique of associative impact on a spectator. Besides skyline of the house which reminds skylines of Maya buildings, and subject matter of architectural details drawn after the calendar’s «Zolkin» pictographs, in «the game» are also included windows shape and granite encasement of façade and grille drawing of metal gates. Everything has the matter; everything takes its special place. Thus, façade of the building turns into the field of interaction of different for character elements, details which are formed necessary associative line. Fixing node composition points and telling indirectly about constructions work, they are the main communication medium between the building and a spectator. As the building has the same scale as the surround building has; façade of the building enriches façade line of houses by new architectural decision: exterior wall of the main façade from the 3d up to the 6th floors juts out of façade plane and makes smooth curve, showing on the one hand, plastic opportunities of structural layout, and on the other hand – opening for the tenants of the apartments situated at these floors interesting perspectives along the 4th Sovetskaya Street. Thus, the house is harmoniously blended with the line of compact historical Saint-Petersburg planning. The front casing is made symmetrically with a spandrel arch; yard casing composition is easier on the basis of the district plan and requirements of apartments insolation. Both casings are connected with each other with a link building on the level of the 2nd floor. There are offices on the 1st and the 2nd floors of both casings and also on the 3d floor of the yard casing. There are apartments on the upper floors. Office and residential part have independent entrances. Parking bay for 5 m/m is projected on the 1st floor of the yard casing. The place of temporary litter storage is also situated there. In the basement of the building there are engineering and utility services rooms. Construction of the house is made in the conditions of compact planning on the soft grounds. The foundation is slabby-and-pile. Every casing has monolithic ferroconcrete stiffening core in the view of hoistway and elevator hall. The columns are monolithic ferroconcrete 300x300 mm. Inserted floors are monolithic, flat, girderless. It was decided to make a mixed decoration of exterior walls: two the 1st floors of the main façade are incased by natural stone slabs. The walls of upper floors are plastered and painted by high-quality paints for external works. The yard facades are plastered and painted.


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