Duoc Maipú
DUOC MAIPU This educational building will house the future headquarter dependencies of the Maipú DUOC Professional Institute. The project is located in an area of 5 hectares and will be built in successive stages. The proposal stands in a strategic commune of the city, with 1.5 million inhabitants, a scarce higher education offer and a steady growth trend. The project, close to the Plaza Maipú Square and the Templo Votivo Basilica (two of Maipú emblematic landmarks) aims to enhance the sector, delivering a contribution to its urban equipment. The site’s accessibility is determined by a main entrance from Esquina Blanca Avenue, located on the northwest side of the building. The layout is organized trough a several levels’ circulation axis, which is materialized as a steel structured air footbridge, to which the different future buildings will converge. This space, envisioned as a wooden deck and passable on foot or by bike, will become the great sidewalk / street inside the complex, constituting the public space that will connect the different levels and different stages of the future buildings, which will face it tangentially or spine-like. Being this a first stage, the proposal had to consolidate the complex’s image, designing its foundational and growth criteria through a defined plan master and, simultaneously, concentrate the basic common equipment. The first built stage consists of 10,000 square meters, which corresponds to two blocks articulated through the axis / central space. The spine, which runs along the site, lengthwise, breaks down causing a parallel turn to the Esquina Blanca Avenue, which in the future will connect with the main axis. The buildings are organized via a central circulation axis, 4 meters wide, to which premises and its’ accesses overlook. The students’ rest areas are designed through the subtraction of the built program, leaving the structural frames exposed and turning them into terraces and double height spaces. The area between both buildings, articulated by the air footbridge is a covered outdoor patio which becomes an access and meeting point. The organization of spaces around a central courtyard, typical of other projects for DUOC, is here changed to a central aisle proposal, which joins both volumes. It is therefore the circulation axis that works as an articulator, ordering element and meeting place for the entire project. The proposed blocks consist of a common underground level and two 4 stories bodies. The structure is resolved by means of reinforced concrete rigid frames, allowing maximum flexibility in the different mixtures of class rooms and natural light and ventilation openings. A metallic coating on facades is designed, as passive solar protection. The program is organized locating the refectory, auditorium and construction and automotive workshops in a semi-basement level. On the first floor, more public, the library, extension facilities, pastoral ministry and career coordinators are located. The second and third levels hold the laboratories and classrooms. The teachers’ administrative area is in the fourth floor.


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