Dubai American Academy
Dubai American Academy is a PreK-12 school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a private institution run by GEMS Education, representing over 82 different nationalities.

The Dubai American Academy logo is two sails next to each other. The school provides education from KG1 to Grade 12, offering the American curriculum along with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. It has a very good reputation in the United Arab Emirates. The cost to attend DAA is high, so a discount plan has also been introduced that enables the fees to be paid fully ahead of time, in an attempt to restrict the increasing number of students leaving mid-year.

The DAA uniforms consist of a light valued blue collared shirt with the DAA logo on the breastpocket, navy blue pants (or skirt), and a navy blue tie with the DAA logo. In 2005-2006 year, a new option was available to seniors (12 Grade) as an alternative for a uniform: a short sleeved, light blue collared shirt with the phrase "Class of 2009" on the pocket, allowing seniors to wear it without a tie and not tucked in. Shortly afterwards, white polo shirts with the DAA logo were also available for the seniors to wear. With that into effect came the various types of hoodies with different designs of the logo DAA. It became optional to the all the students of DAA. The seniors get to wear a polo shirt.

Student activities
It has various different activities made to happen throughout the year which includes dances, proms, The Genie awards which is a large scale talent show, Fall Ball (an annual party event), Bye Bye Birdie, Dodgeball Sevens and charity/fund raising activities such as the annual Swimathon and many more. DAA also has various clubs and organizations which includes the Student Council, Senate, STC , MSF ( Médecins Sans Frontières), Operation Smile, Like? (Art Club), Mobius Loop (Math Club), Green Team, DubaiWood (movie club) and various clubs in the fields of music and drama, and many more. DAA also gives the students the opportunity to open their own clubs and groups. DAA participates in various charity drives and volunteering events, giving students high scopes of gaining knowledge about community service, teamwork, etc. The DAA Student Government operates under two branches: the Student Council and the Student Senate. The Student Government is the voice of the Student Body and it is the function of the members to represent the opinion of the students and address their needs.

The Pawprint is a student oriented newspaper written by the students. It is separate and different from the Spots, written by the school administration for parents. The Newspaper was first established in 2005 with the help of the student government president Billy Lobo and the treasurer Nima Hairy. The first editor of the school newspaper, Rikhil Bajaj, along with assistant editor Amanda Fakhreddine underwent the task of establishing a newspaper on par with a respectable high school newspaper. The first edition of the Pawprint was printed in December 2005.

Dubai American Academy is a full member of the Eastern Mediterranean Activities Conference (EMAC), which includes American schools in the Eastern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions. DAA participates in a variety of arts, music, and debate events with EMAC as well as in EMAC sport competitions. The mascot of DAA is Diego the Leopard.

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the school. The team begins conditioning for the sport beginning in the summer. In 2006-2007, the Varsity Girls team came in 5th place and the Varsity boys 3rd place at the EMAC Varsity Volleyball tournament held in Bahrain. Tennis Team Current Coach Ms. Linda Olsen for the girls since 2005. DAA offers JV as well as Varsity Tennis for boys and girls with max. eight people on each team. They also participate in EMAC.

Cross Country
The team began with a single runner 6 years ago. At the beginning of the 2007 season, DAA had over 40 runners turn out for the team. After the annual Hatta Invitational, the team qualified its top fove runners in each category. Edgar Alejandro Mujica took first in the Varsity boys race defeating Asa Weiss as the defending Hatta course record holder. Mujica's time was 2 seconds over the record for the 5k race. The second day of races Mujica placed 3rd behind DOHA at 2nd and Asa Weiss at 1st. Jenny Tave took 1st place in the Junior Varsity Girls race. Imran Khoja took 2nd place in the Junior Varsity Boys while Kai Takanashi took 3rd. At the 2006-2007 EMAC competitions, hosted by the American School of Dubai, Jenny Tave ran for two gold medals, Edgar Alejandro Mujica for two silver medals, and Imran Khoja for a bronze.

In 2006-2007, about 80 students tried out for the boys Varsity Soccer team. A highlight of the year was the win at home against local rivals, the American School of Dubai. The team finished second in the tournament in Abu Dhabi, after a controversial game against hosts American Community School of Abu Dhabi. In the 2009-2010 season for the U-14 boys team, about 60 people tried out. The team went the whole season victorious, including two wins against their main rivals, ASD with a 9:2 win, and then a 7:0 win. From a total of 5 games played, the team scored 47 goals, and conceded a mere 5 goals.

Basketball is one of the more popular sports at DAA and also one of the more selective. The female varsity team placed 2nd at the EMAC invitational tournament, whilst the varsity boys' team placed 1st in the Ras al Khaimah Mustafa Al-Radwan Tournament where the highlight was an assist from Dan Mashayekh to Dain Hemmerich's for the three pointer at the buzzer in their final game of the season. Every Thursday night in basketball season varsity boys and girl have a match. This attracts a large crowd and has performance from their band and dance team.

Track and field
The track & field is a relatively young team. In the 2009 Season, Coach Jodi O'Reilly rallied the team into several gold and silver finishes in an exhibition meet, important win and an exciting 4x100m, 400m, 200m, Shotput and Discus Golds in both Varsity and JV, as well as the 4x400 Relay in which DAA came in first in an exciting finish in another important annual Dubai meet. The Women's Varsity finished 2nd overall at the annual EMAC Cairo and the Mens Varsity finished 3rd.

As well as honoring Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player's for every team in the year, at the end of the year special awards are given to athletes at DAA.