Dragon Falls
Dragon Falls is a ride at the theme park Chessington World of Adventures in Chessington, London, England. It is located in the Mystic East area of the park. It is a water ride and features two drops, one that leads into the mouth of a dragon and another, taller one between two large 'stone' faces designed to resemble Angkor Wat. The ride's station is modelled after a pagoda and is decorated extensively inside. Although regarded as a 'log flume', the boats are not themed as logs (as in Loggers Leap at nearby Thorpe Park), but rather as nondescript wooden boats with inline seating. The ride starts off by traveling out of the loading station and down a peaceful stream, passing bridges and points where the water is rough. Then you travel up a lift hill and down the first drop, which is small, yet has quite a splashdown and into a dragon's mouth. The inside is un-themed, and after traveling along it, you come out into the open, round a lake and then climb up to the top of the lift hill, where you can see over the park. You then splashdown but before you get in to the station an elephant squirts you with water, getting you very wet. Then you travel back into the loading station. The ride is themed extensively through the land, and features a giant fibreglass Buddha, based on the Great Buddha of KÅtoku-in (according to a plaque placed alongside it in the park), amongst other objects. The ride opened in 1987 and has a height requirement of 0.9m to ride. The ride was manufactured by Mack Rides. Express Pass tickets may be purchased for this ride . The ride was named Dragon River upon opening in 1987, and was changed to Dragon Falls for the 1999 season.