D.Q. Celebration Hall

The proposal is based upon objectives and design principles that originate from Arabic traditions, with the aim to provide a new image for Riyadh, an image that looks towards the future. In order to achieve this ambition, the design is based on two clear and recognisable principles: the first design principle refers to the hierarchically structured, geometric and well-organised space of a typical Mosque; the second principle refers to the inviting, enveloping and flexible space of the typical arabic tent. The union of these two principles defines a solemn space, simultaneously capable of providing hospitality, user friendliness and protection; effectively combining an inviting public character with a more intimate and private dimension.
The design, as in the best Arab tradition, is governed by a strong geometry that unifies structure, space and decorative elements. It is a rigorous pattern able to define all the elements that the design is composed of, from the large roof structure to the detail of single decorative elements; all collaborating to control and refine the relation between space typology and access of daylights.: infact as the user moves from the outside into the building he is accompanied by variations in the density of the structural pattern; from the Main Hall with its more public and open character to the more private dimension of Majlis and Dining hall where the structural pattern densifies to provide intimacy. The quality of natural light is a fundamental objective of the design, not only in order to reduce the direct radiation of sunlight, but principally to increase the spatial quality and the comfort inside the building. The light, captured from the roof and filtered through the building skin creates a warm, soft and comfortable atmosphere inside the spaces.


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