dpto Advertising Agency

 The 800 m2 dpto Propaganda e Marketing (Advertising and Marketing) building houses the headquarters of an advertising agency and a subsidiary, albeit autonomous photographic studio. The agency is situated on the sunlit floors while the studio, inevitably a darkroom, was accommodated in the partially underground basement. At the ground floor entrance, a shared reception area facilitates the independent access to both companies through a staircase that establishes a direct internal connection between them.    

The project opted to confer a simple geometry upon the building, as best suits construction with prefabricated elements and the generation of regular interiors that can provide the desired work space flexibility.  
This simplicity evinces the construction with prefabricated modules. The sunshade, itself the length and width of the building, gives the conjunct the desired sense of unity by imposing its own pattern upon the rhythm of the multiple modular elements, while its transparency confers a certain lightness by allowing the robustness of the structure to show through.

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