Donnybrook Quarter

“Donnybrook is one of the most innovative housing projects to be undertaken in the UK for decades… It is not impossible to imagine that in 10 years time, Donnybrook might be remembered as a significant turning point in the culture of British housing provision” - Ellis Woodman, Building Design Magazine, 240206

"Donnybrook is a complex, socially challenging architectural arrangement. The rationalism used in Bow is about inclusion, physical agreement and the startling realities of progressive urban change." Jay Merrick - The Independent 250106

"Top dogs for 2006, best buildings in class. Housing: Donnybrook." "Peter Barber Architects placed to make a really significant impact on a sector that for many years has fought shy of innovative design." Ellis Woodman - Building Design 060106

"This inspiring scheme... strives to repair some of the rips that have been made in London's fabric since the second world war. If you can achieve all that with this level of elegance, you could well be on to something." Steve Rose - The Guardian 060206

Donnybrook Quarter

(Accommodating Change: Innovation in Housing Competition, first prize)

The Donnybrook site is located at the junction of Parnell Road and Old Ford Road, Close to the East Cross Route (A202).

The proposal is a celebration of the public social life of the street. Every aspect of the design is configured to promote buzzing, thriving public space made with a hard edge of buildings. Streets overlooked by balconies, bay windows and roof terraces. Streets where people might enjoy to sit out, kids to play, people going to and from their homes or just passing through.

Donnybrook Quarter is a dense mixed use scheme and consists of living units as well as community, work and retail spaces configured as a terrace/courtyard hybrid typology.

The scheme won First Prize for Circle 33's and Architecture Foundation's prestigious innovation in Housing Competition. The project has been published and exhibited widely.


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