Doncaster Gate Hospital Rotherham

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Doncaster Gate Hospital Rotherham
Doncaster Gate Hospital was located in Rotherham, in South Yorkshire, England. The hospital was opened in 1869, as the first hospital in the town.

Doncaster Gate Hospital Rotherham was originally known as the Rotherham Hospital and Dispensary from 1872 to 1948, it later became the Doncaster Gate Hospital. There had been a dispensary in Rotherham since 1806. This was initially situated on Wellgate before a new dispensary was built on College Street in 1828. Forty five years later this institution along with its finances was incorporated into the new hospital at Doncaster Gate.

Its mock Tudor/Gothic architecture was the winning design from among over ninety entries in a competition run by The Builder magazine in 1869. The architects were Mallison & Bakewell of Dewsbury and Leeds. Notable for its beauty and elegance the factory owner and local historian, John Guest, was moved to describe the building as ‘this noble edifice’ when officiating at the opening ceremony.

Opened to patients in 1872 it was the first purpose built hospital in the town. At the cost of just over £9,000 it was only able to be erected and maintained as a result of subscriptions donated by every section of the community - encompassing ladies living on Moorgate to the workers in the surrounding factories.

It appears strange that the main hospital in Rotherham for over a century appears to carry the name of a neighbouring town. When it was finally agreed that a hospital was desperately needed it was decided to situate the new building at Doncaster Gate, so-named because historically it marks the major gateway out-off Rotherham and linking the towns High Street to the Doncaster Road going south.