Domus Technica: Immmergas Center for Advanced Training

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Domus Technica: Immmergas Center for Advanced Training

Immergas has extended its research and production field to new generation technologies, related to renewable resources exploitation (like solar thermal, photovoltaic and heat pumps); the new Center for Advanced Training contains teaching rooms and showrooms where technicians and professionals may be trained and updated on both implanting and installation technologies tied to productions based on renewable resources.
So the building’s outline is that of an “open laboratory”- a space in which one works and is received.

It is shaped to create a flexible and sophisticated machine, perfectly capable of operating alternately with all the different technologies : the edifice does in fact produce all the energy for its own needs as well as contributing excess energy to the existing office building thanks to the operation of the technology on display.

The building stands in alignment and continuity with the front entry of the existing offices, yet it features as an isolated and prismatic block.

The rising part of the building leans on a “heavy base” that roots it to the ground, performing like a translucent compact volume inspired by the industrial vocation of the region.

At the same time it tries to redeem this area’s appearance by showing a refined and evocative image of “technical place”.

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