Dolder Grand Hotel


Towering above Lake Zurich, the historic The Dolder Grand has been reinvented to form a 
luxury-class city resort. The scheme integrates a substantial new extension, more than 
doubling the hotel accommodation and reconnecting it to the surrounding forest and 
resort. Remarkably, although it provides double the floor space, the new building consumes 
half the energy of the old – or 75 per cent less energy per square metre.  The Dolderbahn 
cog railway station has been reinstated, enabling the local community to enjoy the site 
while experiencing something of the building itself.  
The scheme restores the logic of the original hotel, designed in 1899 by Jacques Gros, 
and the external fabric has been restored and rendered in the original red and ochre 
palette. Internally, the planning has been transformed. The most significant moves have 
been to create a linked suite of grand public rooms, including a new ballroom, and to 
reinstate the grand southern entrance so that arriving guests now enjoy breathtaking views 
across Zurich and the Alps. Two new wings frame the historic Dolder, complementing the 
addition of a spa and a new ballroom. 
The new wings are fully glazed; and stencil-cut aluminium screens line the facades to form 
balustrades and provide shading, their tree pattern resonating with the surrounding forest. 
While the geometry of the new elements is fluid and organic, the colour palette echoes 
that of the existing building to harmonise the overall composition. A highlight of the hotel is 
the new 4,000-square-metre spa. The winding stone walls that begin in the landscape 
continue inside to frame a canyon-like space for the pool. In some areas the walls are 
perforated to allow sunlight to filter in, and provide a dynamic play of light and shadow 
while maintaining absolute privacy. Geothermal heat pumps beneath the spa contribute to 
the efficient energy strategy. This is further enhanced by a high-performance envelope 
comprising insulated triple-glazing and natural shading.  
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