In September 2011, Central Denmark Region declared CuraVita, and thus Arkitema, winner of the competition for the
new super hospital in Gødstrup, north of Herning. With a construction cost of four billion Danish crowns, DNV-Gødstrup
becomes one of Denmark’s largest new constructions in healthcare and thus sets the standard for future Danish
hospital construction.

Research shows that close contact with nature helps facilitate patient recovery and staff well-being. Therefore, CuraVita
has integrated its design with the West Jutland heath, the inspiration for the proposal’s uniqueness and sense-filled
design, which uses materials that divert the mind from the traditional clinical hospital to one characterized by a safe and
homey atmosphere.

Contact with the expansive Jutland horizon has resulted in a clear architectural concept. As a natural extension of the
landscape’s horizontal lines, the winning proposal is rooted in an extended base, which includes outpatient clinics and
sections for diagnostic imaging, surgery and offices, topped by lighter horizontal slices containing the wards, the combination
of which draws attention up toward the blue sky over Herning.

To ensure efficient workflow, the winning entry creates close contact between all departments and specialties. This
minimizes the transport time for the patient to get to, for example, diagnostic imaging and outpatient treatment; but
more importantly, this allows for the specialist to come to the patient, rather than vice versa. By concentrating transport
routes, the winning entry creates a hospital that makes the patient the central player, and proximity to the specialised
areas helps ensure rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Building Activity