Diwan Amiri Quarter

Part of the first phase of development of the Heart of Doha masterplan, the Diwan Amiri Quarter is a group of three stone-clad public buildings - the Diwan Annexe, the Amiri Guard and the Qatar National Archive.

The Diwan Annexe building is the administrative headquarters of the Amiri Diwan and its outward-looking form surrounded by 'liwan' balconies is based on the traditional 'diwania' or small palace. The Amiri Guard building accommodates three companies of 70 guards. Its form reflects both the courtyard house and the fort, and the fenestration within its thick masonry walls echoes the 'malqaf' or breathing wall of traditional Qatari houses. The Qatar National Archive building is the storehouse of the nation's heritage and is based on the form of the traditional fortified tower, becoming a prominent landmark looking towards Doha Bay, the Eid Ground and Souk Waqif.

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