Disaster Prevention and Education Center

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Disaster Prevention and Education Center

This competition intent was to establish a proposal for a centre fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities in order to be prepared against a disaster that may affect Istanbul and to develop public consciousness about the disasters in general and specifically about earthquakes. Along this the centre will also be hosting relevant courses, venues and seminars.

Therefore, we believe that in the process of generating architecture we cannot have success without imagination because that is the most efficient tool or possibility to generate scenarios, predict spaces and reinvent ambiances.

For this unique equipment, our proposal approach tries to merge the most efficient program articulation with a strong concept which intends to suggest the overall theme integrated with Istanbul’s context. The main program components require a specific connectivity overlap that generates directly a crossed axis of pilled interrelated spaces. Then, as a conceptual driven figuration, this formal arrangement suffers the effect of a natural disaster – earthquake – and falls down until achieving its structural stability on the ground creating as well the landscape topography with the same principle.

On the interior we created a multi-level space experience having the entire required program connected through a central point that simultaneously receives and guides the public to interact with the building. We also created a progressive cladding concept to the facade that introduces and enhances the Arabic atmosphere while it’s reacting – through density combination and geometrical driven development- to the local environment.

At the exterior, the landscape designed topography was complemented with a cultural pattern from Turkey that not only increase the relation between the city and the building but also activates and organized all the spaces. This is done with a large curved bump that wraps the parking area creating commercial spaces on the perimeter and a drifting park on top.

Conceptually, the building assumes its own identity on the city and stands as a new-age landmark that captivates tourists to its content and also attracts all the local people in case of real natural disaster in Istanbul having the new landscape the ability to become a major emergency shelter – earthquake or flood – and the building to work as a guiding focal reference.

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