Dinsmore Bridge
Dinsmore Bridge is a bridge in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Built in 1969, it connects Sea Island (where the Vancouver International Airport is located) to Lulu Island, the main island of the city. It is an extension of Gilbert Road on Lulu Island; on Sea Island, it meets up with Russ Baker Way. Its general direction is north-south and it has one lane going each direction, with a pedestrian sidewalk on the west side of the bridge. The bridge is operated by the Vancouver International Airport. Before construction of the No. 2 Road Bridge, Dinsmore Bridge was the shortest route to Vancouver for residents of the western part of Richmond. Prior to October 11, 2006, Dinsmore Bridge was also the bridge of choice of public transit buses from western Richmond (no bus routes run on the No. 2 Road Bridge). At the time, two express peak-hour buses to downtown Vancouver run on the bridge: #491 One Road/ Burrard Station (travelling along No. 1 Road, Westminster Highway and Gilbert Road) and #496 Railway/ Burrard Station (travelling along Railway Avenue, Granville Avenue and Gilbert Road). However, after the incident on October 11 (see below), weight restrictions were put in place for the bridge. Until the restrictions are lifted, all buses are being diverted to the No. 2 Road Bridge. The bridge is often used to access Richmond Hospital and the WorkSafeBC (the Workers Compensation Board of B.C.) headquarters, which are located on Gilbert Road at the intersection with Westminster Highway. On October 11, 2006, the bridge was closed for several days after a truck on River Road, carrying a crane to the Richmond Olympic Oval site, damaged the bottom of the bridge . It re-opened on October 13, but weight and speed restrictions were put in place until further notice .


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