Dinahosting offices
Dinahosting selected a building where an old gym used to operate.  The new offices cover a total area of 800 square meters in two floors. Architects Maio and Quinteiro of O Antidoto, decided to convert the area and use the ground floor as office space, and the basement for social activities including a board room, auditorium, cafeteria and exhibition hall. 

After carefully considering the floor plan O Antidoto used industrial material to create the image appropriate for the modus operandi.  The usage of industrial containers, which are aesthetically and conceptually acceptable while robust to high traffic marked the character of the area and gave the area a distended appearance.  The assembly of the containers was in situ, due to the existence of pillars and various problems which were presented by introducing it through the façade.

Some beams and pillars have been left with exposed concrete, which ties up really well with the surrounding industrial atmosphere which was intended by the architects.  The usage of black, grey and the industrial light grey flooring along with the
containers give off the desired result.  O Antidoto has used white in all the working space interiors and in many instances
recessed the ceiling.  Therefore, all the office space works on one hand as an industrial warehouse, with offices closed container harbor facilities. Another area which is intended to clear the call, access control and traffic areas is the reception. 

The reception was designed with smooth curved lines, conducted in Pladur painted white and orange (Dinahosting's logo color) to contrast with the harshness of the containers.  The end result was what O Antidoto had conceptualized with a modus operandi!


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