Diagonal Mar Park

Diagonal Mar Park
Barcelona, Spain

EMBT A Garden of a House

“If the park has a scale comparable to the grand gardens of Barcelona its design and situation obliges it to increase in scale because of its connection with La Avinguda Diagonal, Carrer Taulat and above all a direct connection with the beach, it is difficult to imagine scale is its best quality…

… It is a large park which stretches out forwards to the adjacent avenues.…Its design favours an interaction with the city. It is ordered by following a series of paths which, similar to the branches of a tree, spread out in all directions… A type of Rambla, a main throroughfase, connects La Diagonal directly to the nearby beach crossing the Litoral ring by means of a pedestrian bridge. and it transforms itself into a series of recreational tracks: To stroll, for skating, cycling… etc… Walking…… A large area of water in which there are various fountains, the leap of water and the vegetation on its edges oxygenates the water. A recreational place, small boats, water games…

The presence of the water characterises the vegetation of the zone…
And the vegetation spreads following the character of shores near the sea and the lake.
Growing taller and denser until it reaches the adjacent streets.

Small places on the edges of the park.
Places where a series of large ceramic vases join with the existing vegetation, similar to the garden of a house…benches, pérgolas, tiled floors….” - Enric Miralles


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