Dholes Den, Jungle Lodge


Client : Karthik Davey
Architect : Nagesh H D
Location :Bandipur, Karnataka,  India.
Co ordinates:11°38'21"N 76°40'19"E
Site area : 5 Acres
Total built up area  - 1200 Sqm
Construction - 2007 - 2008
The programme is essentially of a Jungle Lodge comprising of large rooms, Premium cottages , Lounge and services . The Lodge is set in the valley facing the Nilgiris (blue mountains) and a well developed  ecosystem  comprising Forest, streams and Wild life.

The idea is about Placemaking within the building and within its broader regional context  with magnificent mountain vistas and the Moyar Gorge. To reduce the bulk of the building and thereby maintaining the natural drainage pattern influenced  to split the accommodation into main block ,  premium cottages and service blocks. The energy needs of the building have been minimized by orienting the  shorter side of the building  to east and west directions.

The Architecture is a combination of diverse construction methodologies based on locally practiced customs, as well as modern techniques. In plan and organization they exhibit logical Simplicity, while geometric shifts accommodate the picturesque views and the climatic extremes. A prominent feature of the design is the consistent use of  local stone, a characteristic that acknowledges  the local building traditions of the region. Local stones are used in combination with modern materials of steel, Aluminium and glass. Stones are used in a manner that is less crafted and they form simple abstracted planes. The interiors are  naturally vented by louvered glass facades.

Wastewater and sewage are treated by reed bed system and later allowed to percolate into the ground. Hot water comes from solar water heaters, backup electricity is supplied by roof mounted photovoltaic panels and Wind Mill. Numerous floor to ceiling windows take advantage of the natural light and help the house to integrate to its surrounding environment while increasing the sensation of spaciousness within. Use of renewable energy has resulted in reducing the operating cost of the house.


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