Design Sight

This is a building providing exhibition spaces for “design” that has been built in the open space of the large redevelopment district in Tokyo, Midtown.

The original idea was drawn by Issey Miyake and his project team. The project is to create a new place of culture in Japan for “design” in a broad sense – exploring new points of view and ways of thinking, expressing surprise and emotion, and communicating these feelings to the society.

As the building is located in an open public space, most of the volume has been buried underground in order to avoid interrupting this park area.

The one-story above-ground and one-story underground building is placed along the geometry of the site and characterized by its roof made of two larger and smaller sheets of steel folded as they slope down toward the ground. This concept is based on “a piece of cloth”, the origin of Issey Miyake’s creation. Inside a simple form composed of this “sheet of steel” develops a folded space suitable for freely creating designs.


54 photos and 4 drawings

Building Activity