Deposit Of Archive DAJFC

The object of the project is to propose the deposit of archiving of judicial files of court Building planned and designed with an eye on the “Intelligent and smart Building” of the future with all state-of-the-art Technological and archiving Telecommunication facilities to serve and house the requirements of archiving as it separated project for archiving  in Kuwait  present this kind of projects as response of the generations and human process requirements

The building itself can be a demonstration project that utilizes elements of ingenious architectural and engineering design such as advanced exterior envelope systems and energy , thus presenting a distinctive and modern impression and promoting responsible solutions that address the aspect of environmental design.

The design include , archiving spaces, different  administration areas parking structure, all public spaces, ingress and egress, engineering, interior spaces on small scale for administration areas which smartly will be connected with archiving zones with the smart archiving system in addition there will be also landscaping, and signage and way finding normally associated with an administrative facility at an international

level of quality. The design is sensitive to the indigenous climate and reflect the local environmental conditions, incorporate current technology, energy conservation and the high to medium standards of construction, all this connected with the natural of archiving components and project activities


Building Activity

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