Delaware State Capitol

The Delaware Legislative Hall is the state capitol building of Delaware located in the state capital of Dover on Court Street. It houses the chambers and offices of the Delaware General Assembly.

History and structure
Old State House

The original capitol of Delaware was the State House (now known as the Old State House), located on The Green in Dover. It was commissioned originally by Kent County as the Kent County Court House, and was constructed from 1787 to 1791, when it became the State House. Kent County and the state government shared the building until 1873, when the Kent County government relocated away. The State House was used until the completion of Legislative Hall.

Today, the Old State House has been restored to its 18th-century appearance and is now a museum that includes the site of a former courtroom and the former chambers of the state legislature. The House chamber contains portraits by Thomas Sully of Commodore Jacob Jones and Commodore Thomas Macdonough, Delaware heroes who served in the War of 1812.

Legislative Hall

Legislative Hall is opposite the Old State House on the mall. The building was designed in the Colonial Revival style by E. William Martin, the architect, under the direction of the State Buildings and Grounds Commission, created by Governor C. Douglass Buck during 1931 during the Great Depression. The structure was completed and dedicated during 1933. From 1965-1970, a north and south wings were added on the sides of the building, giving each member of the Assembly an office in addition to their desk in their chamber. The architect George Fletcher Bennet of Dover designed the expansion.

Two more wings, providing more office space for legislators and staff as well as hearing and caucus rooms, were added to the east side of the building during 1994. This expansion was designed by the Wilmington-based firm The Architects Studio. In addition, the entire interior of Legislative Hall was renovated by a three-phase project during the summers of 1995, 1996 and 1997, including refurbishment of both the House and Senate chambers as well as the lobby, cafeteria and many offices. This project was designed by the Wilmington firm Moeckel Carbonell Associates,

In addition to the chambers of the Delaware House of Representatives and Senate, the Legislative Hall also includes space used by the General Assembly's two nonpartisan staff agencies, the Division of Research and the Office of the Controller General, as well as offices for the governor and lieutenant governor while the General Assembly is in session.

Legislative Hall is the home of the Hall of Governors, which includes portraits of all of Delaware's governors. The building also houses other portraits, including political and military personnel such as James Frank Allee, James A. Bayard the elder, Bradford B. Barnes, James A. Bayard, Jr., Henry Clay Conrad, Richard S. Cordrey, Samuel Francis Du Pont, Vera Gilbride Davis, J. Allen Frear, Jr., Herman Holloway, Sr., Calvin R. McCullough, Eli M. Saulsbury, John Wales, John Jay Williams, Presley Spruance, Willard Saulsbury, Sr., and Willard Saulsbury, Jr..