Delal or Pira Delal also Pirdí Delal ("The Bridge Delal" in Kurdish), informally known also as Pira Berî (Stone Bridge), is an ancient bridge in the town of Zakho, in southern Kurdistan (Iraq)

The bridge is 114 metres long and 15.5 metres high.


The name Delal is Assyrian and "Pira Delal" is Kurdish and it means "the dearest" (though not in an esthetic sense, but more of something that's unique).

The name reflects the way the bridge is seen among the local people as well as tourists.


Pira Delal is believed to have been first built during the Roman era, while the present structure appears to be from a later date.

One of the legends regarding construction of the bridge relates that the hands of the builder were amputated to ensure that the bridge would remain unique.

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