De Wielewaal
The program called for the realisation of renewable housing for 102 mentally disabled persons in the Charlois neighbourhood in Rotterdam. Components of the program include the urban plan, a central support building and 9 residential units/buildings, which house 17 residential groups. The central building is divided into 3 functional zones. The entrance, recreation room, medical, paramedical facilities and office functions are housed in the head of the building. This borders on a slow traffic route that runs through the lot. The tail end of the building is formed around a therapeutic bath. The building, through its programmatic scope and sheer scale, sticks out in the neighbouring buildings. A sense of restraint and respect for its surroundings is therefore created through the project's uniform design, detailing and colour scheme. The building mass is focused at the head of the building, rendered in a dynamic and strong volume, from where one has a great view. The residential buildings establish a set rhythm and stand apart from each other in the surrounding green and are are connected by an informal path. Each residence houses two groups of residents who are more or less able to live independently. Each residential building features a separate entry with its own colour scheme which makes it easily recognisable for the occupants. The residents vary in range from the lightly disabled to persons with complex/multiple disabilities to more independent residents who live in an apartment with 6 individuals in one group. Each resident has his/her own sitting room and bedroom and shares a bathroom, kitchen and living room with the other residents of their group. The downstairs units have gardens on the south-west and the upstairs units feature spacious terraces on the south.


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