De Uitkijck
This centre for education and childcare (in Dutch named brede school) in Baarn, The Netherlands, houses a primary school and two organisations for baby- and childcare. Because these parties had already worked well together before, it was possible to design a multi-use building with unorthodox spatial solutions in the process. The building is organized around an open central space, used by all parties. Here stands a yellow large cone-shaped volume with the school libary on the first floor and a small theatre/stage, which can be closed or opened, on the ground floor. The building is also organized by age. The rooms for the younger children are on the ground floor; these all have their own partly-covered exterior. The rooms for the older children are on the first floor; these have a French balcony. The building is under a sloping roof that rises gradually from one storey to two-and-a-half storeys, which gives room to some sub-level floors for playing indoors and a dry main entrance where parents can wait for their children to exit the building. Both inside and outside, wide stairs lead from the ground floor to the first floor. These stairs are also used as galleries during indoor or outdoor events. The façades are mainly brick, matching the surrounding houses. At the covered main entrance the façade and ceiling are wood siding. The window and door frames have a bright white colored front, while the sides have a warm high-saturated color, indicating the party that uses the adjacent interior room.


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