De Kooy

De Kooy Airfield (Dutch: Vliegveld De Kooy) (IATA: DHR, ICAO: EHKD) is an airfield 2.9 NM (5.4 km; 3.3 mi) south of Den Helder, the Netherlands, named after the nearby hamlet De Kooy. It serves as both a civilian airport under the name Den Helder Airport and a naval airport under the name Marinevliegkamp De Kooy (Dutch for Naval Air Base De Kooy).

Most movements on the De Kooy are made by helicopters, bringing workers to and from offshore oilrigs and naval helicopters such as the Westland Lynx of the Royal Netherlands Navy. But fixed-wing aircraft visit and operate from the airport as well. Skyline Aviation operates from De Kooy, who mainly operate business aircraft but also do airwork such as aerial photography for both civilian and military contractors. Amongst their fleet of aircraft most noticeable are several Aero L-39 Albatros jets.


The oil fields in the North Sea will eventually be depleted and when that happens the airport would lose most of its helicopter movements and thus alternative markets are being looked at, such as business and holiday flights. At the moment there are no scheduled flights from De Kooy. The navy may move its helicopter operations from De Kooy to Gilze-Rijen Air Base.